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Snowmans Centre

T: +256 414 251 800,+256 414 237 104, +256 414 348 827,+256 312 264 786, F: +256 414 348 827,
E: admin@snowmansgroup.com, ceo@snowmansgroup.com, W:,

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Bromate replacers
Bromate replacers commonly known as for barking power.Snowman is a one stop centre for business solution to the bakery industry.Since Bromote was banned on the market, snowmans has come up with replacers that work exactly likes Bromate


Snowmans offers different flavours (ie) Vanilla, Straw berry, mango, pineapple,caramel and chocolate. These contribute to the taste in food and beverages and have great influence on the consumer perception of the product.


Snowman offers different types of food colors i.e. Strawberry, Orange red, Lemon yellow and Sunset, extracted from natural vegetable oils used in production of Yoghurt, Juice and Ice cream. They bind water and oil fat in an emulsion to produce breads, Margarine, Chocolate and Pasta.


Pasteurization Units
Pasteurization Units are the basic equipment for processing Milk. They are also important component in most processing lines for drinks and liquids in the foods industry


Snowmans is proudly associated with Lister Peter company based in Gloucestreshine in England which operates in the USA,SOUTH AFRICA ,DUBAI AND FRANCE. Lister Peter has a long and celebrated history up to now producing advanced diesel generators in all sizes for home to industrial use.Lister has consistently set the standard in innavation, quality and reliability


Milk Cans
The Heavy Duty International standardized milk cans for less than 50 litres or more in stainless and Alloy Aluminum. Handles are properly bent with ends chamferd, which ensures firm grip. Can lids are spot welded at five places and brazed all around with sanitary finish, which ensures hygiene.


Snowmans House
Try Snowmans "A ONE STOP CENTRE'' to your business solutions

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